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Tiulipakeo has been receiving death threats

sheikh hasinaAfter winning the granddaughter of Joy Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Siddique Tulip letter threatening to kill a British member of parliament said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The National Press Club of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) and Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) joint iftar iphatarapurba he said in a brief statement.
The Prime Minister highlighted the attempted murder of his family members repeatedly, my niece with a letter threatening to kill a British MP has been tiulipake. The letter says: “Your grandfather killed it, just as your mother, aunt, and that you will die.” The threats happened after the murder of a British MP. Not only the tulip, Joy was trying to kill. Buy one of the officers had been kidnapped by the FBI in the United States to destroy victory. And the leaders of bienapirai.
In this context, the Prime Minister said the BNP leader (Khaleda Zia) had said earlier that he would hasinamukta Bangladesh. He wants to kill me means. BNP leader also had said the next one hundred years, the Prime Minister, why I can not be the leader of the opposition. That means to me that he wanted to confer life.
Tarique Rahman did not mention the name of the Prime Minister in London sitting in a black sheep. Why have the British government that the country does not know it gives a visa. A British MP was killed, another MP tiulipake has been receiving death threats. Thus, they are conspiring against the country and abroad.
The assassination of the Prime Minister, I said earlier that the assassinations in the country is, we have information about it. It has been proven today. Madaripur in Ripon Chakrabarty was trying to kill. People flagrante delicto has one of the camp staff. It has been proven that through, publicly burned after the killing of the BNP-Jamaat men are these assassinations. Now people are starting to catch up with the guptahatyakaridera, will in future.
The Prime Minister, ironically, we do not want to let militancy and terrorism in the country. The ground will not be any room for militant terrorists. However, whether the trial will be threatened, the country will move ahead.
The Prime Minister said the present government believes in freedom of the press. Freedom to enjoy good, but the journalist society has an obligation to the state. What has been done for the welfare of the journalists said the Awami League government. Criminal laws can not arrest reporters, journalists Welfare Trust structure, providing financial assistance to the destitute reporters, he said, no government in the past did not dare to give private TV channel. During the Awami League government, the private sector, we have given up TV channels, it has a large number of people in employment, including journalists.
Parliament and non-governmental TV talk show ‘is not one of the Prime Minister, Parliament in compliance with the Constitution and Rules of Procedure to speak. In addition to the reins takasote talk. Of course you can not criticize the government takasote, errors will be delivered, but the criticism should be constructive. Your word is the welfare of the society, so it is not incoherent.
In this context, the Prime Minister Joy Bangla wrong about the BBC news recently over the issue of the need to have a policy ganamadhyamerao. Are required to adhere to all regulations. Recently, an international organization like the BBC reported baseless. It was not at all acceptable to the international media.
He told the Press Club, an organization of the National Press Club. The company built up so spectacular, local and foreign journalists at the presaklabake as dekhe Build. The government will extend all possible cooperation.
The assassination and the conspiracy against Prime Minister urged journalists to be.
The gathering was also addressed by Inu, Prime Minister’s Media Advisor Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, president of the National Press Club Shafiqur Rahman, Dr Zafar BFUJ acting president, secretary-general Omar Faruk and diujera president Saban Mahmud. DUJ General Secretary Sohel Haider Chowdhury conducted the ceremony.
Iftar Health Minister Mohammad Nasim, Minister Mujibul Haq, Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique, Vice Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Prof Dr. Kamrul Hasan Khan, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Abul Kalam Azad, the press secretary of the Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim, a large number of senior journalists and two members from across the country joined the organization.
The Wage Boards for journalists and reporters gathering the leaders of the declaration and called on the Prime Minister to accommodation. In response, the Prime Minister directed the ceremony tathyamantrike the 7th and 8th wage board for journalists we have. Since the media non-governmental organizations. Therefore, 9th Wage Board tathyamantrike’ll talk to the owners’ side. Take appropriate action. And the best place to find accommodations for the journalist asking the leaders, you are out of place, and of course you will cooperate with the government. Iftar mahfil prayers at the National Press Club to talk with the leaders of the journalists boarded-caritaya busy.


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