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The assistance of the government of Bangladesh introduced a new system matches the number 16430 free legal help.

Poor legal assistance to the government of Bangladesh Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the national helpline kalasentarera.
Thursday morning the administration of Prime Minister inaugurated the Institution of Engineers. When you dial 16430 to get legal assistance for all citizens of the country.
The head of the poor service will be free of cost. They also urged the concerned authorities to give free legal services. So that people get a fair trial, that his government has an independent judiciary, he added.
Mamalajata reduction would be an additional judge appointed prime minister noted.
The assistance of the government of Bangladesh introduced a new system matches the number 16430 free legal help.

Rajshahi special prayers for rain

Bangladesh people are keen to get rid of sunshine and intense heat from the city esteskara prayers are praying for God's mercy. City sahamakhaduma central Eidgah Thursday 9am to organize special prayers Rajshahi City Corporation (Rasikh). Sonadighi lead prayers at the Jama Masjid Khatib Sheikh taiyabura Rahman Nizami. At that time, the priest prays for rain. The two prayed to Allah the Merciful voluntary prayers for rain at the end of the prayer worshipers joined in prayer. Niyama-ul-ayima mayor in charge of the RCC panels were also present as the 9th Ward councilor Mayor AKM Rashed Hassan II tulusaha school and college students participated in prayer. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal

Should the end of the massacre: Human Rights Watch

Immediately, a former official of the US Embassy called to investigate the murder of two julahasa Mannan New York-based international human rights organization Human Rights Watch. The agency said in a statement, frank and secular ideas propagandist, writer, teacher, bloggers have been targeted in recent attacks after the killing took place. On the Mannan and 016 killings in Bangladesh Mahbub number 9 haoyadera liberals stabbed the victims was taken.
Minaksi Ganguly, South Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said on Monday the killing of two men hacked into the house, the authorities should be rapidly resolved to start a full-fledged investigation. The goal of the investigation, the perpetrators should be brought to justice. "He also said," The government should protect activists. At the same time concerned with the brutal killing of impunity must be the end. "
The statement, 3 April with a machete and killed the attackers Karim Siddiqui, a professor of Engli…

Lindsay Lohan thinking about embracing Islam

Isalāma grahaṇēra kathā bhābachēna linḍasē lōhāna.Nija dharma tyāga karachēna hali'uḍēra bitarkēra rānī linḍasē lōhāna- ēmana guñjana anēka āgē thēkē'i cā'ura chila. Abaśya sē saba gujaba sr̥ṣṭira jan'ya lōhānēra kr̥takarma'i dāẏī chila. Mājhē madhyē tāra kathābārtāẏa'ō khrisṭa dharma tyāga karē isalāma grahaṇa karāra iṅgita pā'ōẏā yēta. Ēbāra sē'i iṅgitaṭi'i spaṣṭabhābē jāniẏē diẏēchēna balē dābi karachē kaẏēkaṭi bidēśī sambādamādhyama. Jārmānira sambādamādhyama ḍaẏēsē bēlēra barātē jānā yāẏa, nija dharma tyāga karāra byāpārē mantabya karē lōhāna balēna, ‘khrisṭa dharma chēṛē musalamāna ha'ōẏāra kathā bhābachi āmi’.Ēra āgē 2015 sālē ēkaṭi śiśukēndrē 29 bachara baẏasī ē abhinētrīkē pabitra kōra'āna śaripha bahana karatē dēkhā giẏēchila. Takhani hali'uḍapāṛāẏa jōra guñjana uṭhē isalāma dharma grahaṇa karēchēna ē tārakā. Tāra ghaniṣṭha sūtrēra barāta diẏē sambādamādhyamaṭi āra'ō jānāẏa, āgē thēkē'i nijēra ādhyātmika byāpāragulōt…

Cough syrup that is harmful for health reasons

Please think twice before giving your child cough syrup. Because several studies have shown, there is an element of Codeine cough sirape, which proved to be harmful for children. According to a report in the Hindustan Times.Studies have shown that children's cough sirapagulo body, seizures, lethargy, abnormal heartbeat, kidney and liver problems as well ksatisaha.Codeine is the origin of the material used in cough sirape from opium. Codeine is banned from use in children younger than 1 year in different countries around the world. However, the Indian cough sirape component is used frequently. These are some cough syrup koreksa, phensidila, Teddy benadrila and cough.013 In the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Canada, Australia and New Zealand use drugs Codeine is banned for children under 1 year. The material used in new mothers is not allowed.Codeine cough syrup to take the children why harmful? In this regard, experts say, it could cause serious damage …

Egyptian pharaohs were known female ruler of women as well as men

Egyptian pharaohs were known female ruler of women as well as men hatasepasuta ruler was no ordinary woman. He was the fifth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt. He is generally regarded as one of the most successful pharaohs, the Egyptian bhuttbabidara said. His reign was much longer than other women in the Egyptian dynasty. According to a report in the Washington Post.After her husband's death could not deter hatasepasuta at all. He founded his own right as the pharaohs. He established himself as a pharaoh of ancient Egypt, the first woman was able to. Some women later became the ruler of the empire. However, most of them long reigned hatasepasuta. He was a 15-year reign.After the death of his step-son, and became the ruler of hatasepasutera. He signs his name and destroy most of the time or replaced with something else. For this reason, the researchers could not often required information about hatasepasuta.

Byatikramī yē biṣaẏagulō jībanē saphalatā ānatē pārē. Things in life that can bring outstanding success.

Jibane important things that can bring success in life to be successful is something that can serve as inspiration, which many imagine. Some of the issues highlighted in this article. According to a report in Business Insider.1. Birth DayMany claimed that contribute to the success of her birth month. Hillary Clinton is the catch word, which is janmamasa October.II. Children OrderHow many number of children you have a lot of success, it could become the controller. The researchers report, the first child is usually ambitious and skilled in a variety of relatively.3. Public and private schoolVarious studies, expensive school students study found more success in life. However, there are plenty of exceptions.4. High-digit numberMathematics education is very important. The amount of numbers you saw in high school, your success in the future can be determined to a great extent. Various studies, high school, those figures are good numbers, and they are paid well in the future.5. Childhood …

Two of the main complaints of the women partner

Many have complained partner to partner. These can be detrimental to the relationship. If the complaint is unfounded or negative feedback. Numerous allegations that the two issues of greatest importance. According to them, the woman in charge of the two can be seen sharply.
The first complaint is partner of girls, I never found it necessary. And second, there is no intimacy between us enough.
Women think that they do not feel alone in the relationship. Or believe they can not trust their partners. They took over, in danger partner can not be found. They say the danger to the emotional moment, listening partner, to hold their own and refers nirattapradana.
In contrast to mate with the two boys have been complaining too much. The charges against her just to argue. The second partner did not want to have sex.
They may even be combined with a clear understanding of his own life. According to experts, the boys feel the sexual desire, have been girls happen.
The accusations and counter-accusatio…

Some of the incredible mental disorders

At some point in life, great and small, almost all people suffer from mental problems. There is nothing in this world as well as complex mental disorders, which is difficult to believe the story. Seven of the disease was so short bibarana
1. bonathrapi: one of the most complex mental disorders. The infected cow or bull that started to think of himself. Are always looking at the bottom. There is no life without food demand. However, in the course of a meal of grass, leaves and straw. Food is not like normal people. Dupaye forget that walk. Four walks like a cow, using hands and feet.2 Foreign Accent Syndrome: ayastrida French woman came out of the French language could speak only broken English. Besides, he did not know any languages. Suddenly, he got up and began to speak in authentic German. Ayastridera was horrified to see her father and mother to change. Is a condition that he stopped to say in French. Several years ago, one of the minor in Uttar Pradesh is a victim of this disease.…

Kohli ton rate

Twenty intangible T-century Kohli was yesterday. Lions played against Gujarat by 100 runs off 63 balls, 11 fours and 1 six innings restless. Royal Challengers Bangalore have not yet won. Gujarat also lost 6 wickets. Dinesh Karthik scored 180 runs for two wickets in Bangalore Challenge 50, Brendon McCullum and Dwayne Smith 3 of 4 3 Suresh Raina teams passed balls to spare. It's the fourth win in Gujarat, Bangalore and the third in five matches. Rising at night, Pune, Kolkata Knight Riders suparajayantasake two wickets of Shakib Al Hasan. Shakib bowling figures of 1 for 14 but was unable to bat. 9 to 3 was run out. However, Surya Yadav and Yusuf Pathan for 36 runs in 60 balls to spare 3 has surpassed 160 runs for 5 wickets in Pune, Calcutta (1628). Thisara Perera killing all six matches bamkabadalera period the period the alarm has removed Umesh Yadav. Cricinfo

Two fatal mistake Bill Gates

5 consecutive years served as CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates. The stepped down from the 000-billion-dollar company before reading the hundreds of gifts to the world of technology. He was the top lot of the world's rich.
To err is human, however. Siiora mistake all the best in the world. Brad silabharabarga specialist since 1990, served as SVP of Microsoft. He watched from the mistakes of the bill. He said, when he was CEO of two major mistakes Gates. The organization, which has affected business in many ways. The initial state of the Internet and take advantage of the weak tadabirera has happened.
According to Brad, the bill was the biggest mistake from the beginning, not enough to be associated with the political process. When the recommendation of some issues with Microsoft's busy, then the idea of ​​the bill, let alone Microsoft. Social media 'kuyorate information in response to a question, Brad.
Silabharabarga wrote, that did not comply with the government's Gate. He nev…

Alcohol and drugs ended pratyusake nesai

Alcohol and drugs nesai pratyusake ended. And he could not take the pressure of millions of dollars of debt. Liquor spend stress stressed. Since then began to sink nesatei. Impact of his work. Rahul Raj Singh told pratyusara boyfriend. Rahul said in an interview with the news agency, more than one million of loans from private banks had pratyusa. Quaker had borrowed from 7 lakh, were left 5 lakh service tax. They could not meet the actress was mentally broken. Or Rahul had warned him several times, it did not work. On the contrary, alcohol and drug intoxication pratyusa went down. The post-mortem report says the same thing. 135 mg of alcohol were found in his blood sample. Which is much higher than usual. Accepting alcohol so it is not possible to maintain mental balance. It may take the extreme step due to the intoxicated person to commit suicide.
Source: nowadays

High demand of Rajshahi University

Teacher of Rajshahi University Teachers' Association yesterday protesting the killing and demanding justice for the campus protest. Image Source: Islamabad to protest against the brutal murder of beloved teacher of Rajshahi University has become turbulent and demanding justice. Sunday morning from the campus fair trial program, demonstrations, rallies and formed human chains at teachers and students. 48-hour ultimatum to arrest those responsible for the students of English department. The university did not check any of the classes. On Monday, not today.
Professor Dr. AFM Rezaul Karim Siddiqui, arrested a man Saturday night on suspicion of involvement in the murder. Hafizur detained Rajshahi bisbabidyalayerai a second year student of the Department of Public Administration and the city of Ward 19 branch secretary of the camp. The Metropolitan Police said the murder tadantabhara.
Rajshahi University professor of English at the AFM Rezaul Karim Siddiqui to everyone, "Who,…

I will soon be put to death: Imran

Mancha spokesperson Imran H Sarkar said, has threatened to kill him very soon.Sunday evening in his cell phone to threaten the status of his Facebook page said Imran.He wrote on Facebook, today at 7pm 1, the United Kingdom, with a number of the code has been threatened to kill me. I was asked to be put to death soon.Imran wrote, I wanted to know who is speaking, the answer has not been given any say from where. It was said over and over again just to be killed. Where to call if you want to learn how to kill them off.Status, Imran said, I know it does not tell anything jananote or not. However, I think everyone should be informed. And with the threat dhamaki not think one can stop me is irrelevant.He wrote that the killing is not judged dharsanerai as big a threat to the country is not the case. Moreover, a few days ago, some misguided politicians threatened to kill me openly, he has to judge what is?Mancha spokesman, wrote on Facebook, death threats after publicly asked an old frien…

Attempted rape, youth, indigenous women killed lingaccheda

Dagi guilty of rape came to him. But the tribal woman stood up. Lingaccheda killed him, and then go to the graveyard with friends, the young man had buried the bodies. Cariyali district in Assam Vishwanath incident. The murder of the woman named Rita Orao and arrested her husband.
Rita said the young man to his house in the land of Krishna tried to rape her and her daughter. He first hit with an ax Krishna. He fell to the ground in order to ensure the death of the penis cut off. The seven women were called to the buried body of Krishna.
Anjura SP Jain said, the incident dated February 4. However, after 15 days, when it comes to the news of Krishna's family gave him missing. Police launched an investigation into the murder of Krishna heard. Autopsy of his body was removed from the grave. Rita and her husband as well as the arrest of the seven accused involved in this incident are investigating the role of women.
Source: ABP Ananda

Jagacche new hope 'Housefull Three'

They say laughter is the cure for any disease. But the totakarai come up with a new dose of three Housefull. Sajid-Farhad dhumadhama published in Mumbai on Sunday directed the film trailer.
Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan and Ritesh Deshmukh Comedy l'll complain that it's clear trelarei stomach cramp. Boman Irani and canki Pandey Thakachenai provide nothing but a joke, as the overhead portion of the three join Lisa hedana Diva, Nargis phakari and jyakalina Fernandes.
Hanging from the helicopter was flying trelare Bollywood Khiladi Akshay entry. Three minutes 7 seconds, the trailer has heard some interesting dialogue. Boman Irani did not want to give his three daughters. But everyone has a boyfriend. The beginning of the story.
Each character has a perfect comedy timing on three Housefull. After the release of the trailer's Twitter account to enjoy all smiles Akshay message.
Akshay Kumar was in 014 with Sajid-Farhad wrote directorial debiu Dilwale, the film Chennai Express an…

E-passport will be made.

The government continued to reach Immigration and passport facilities to the doorsteps of the people that are trying to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He said the machine readable passport to be delivered into the hands of the citizens of MRP after the electronic passport or e-passport has been taken to create a plan. He said the new technology has come. We hope that we will create a very sigrahai electronic passport. This plan has already been taken.
Department of Immigration and Passport diaipi Sunday Agargaon passport offices and 016 service Week 10 divisional and regional passport and visa office, the Prime Minister said while inaugurating the newly constructed building. 'Passport the right to serve unselfish civil rights, "the slogan of service passports Week will be celebrated from April 8 th.
The digital sector in the past seven years, the government has achieved remarkable success, he said, after the introduction of the electronic passport Passport fraud issu…

I do not want to see such a tragedy Bangladesh Rana Plaza for three years

I do not want to see such a tragedy BangladeshRana Plaza for three years. Bangladesh Rana Plaza is a black chapter to the whole world. Bangladesh does not want to see such a tragedy. If the third anniversary of the accident Rana's call was informed. To ensure speedy punishment of the perpetrators, as well as compensation for the claimants in such cases claim compensation up to a policy.
Three years ago, on April Rana Plaza accident killed 4 013 1 138 thousand workers. At least half of the wounded.
Savar accident on Sunday, the National Press Club and Jurain Graveyard Haunted observed in a variety of different labor organizations. And blessed the congregation from BGMEA Jurain graveyard flowers are provided.
The United States, European Union statement on the occasion of several countries. The sector has been recognized labor rights, development and security. The safety of workers is left to sustain the activities of several more calls. The EU said the garment sector trade union ac…

Now the state is a dead country like Bangladesh.

Now the state is a dead country like Bangladesh. Rajshahi is now one of the dead! There is no guarantee that the life of somebody in this town. University teachers being murdered on the way. Students match the body of a hotel room. Awami League leader has been shot dead in his office. In this situation, the Vice Chancellor of Rajshahi University professor Mohammad Mizanuddin said, "Now that the situation at any time can be seen lying in the street in my body." University does not think that the city safe, Awami League leaders are worried that the life of the city, where ordinary people's lives Where is the guarantee?
Is known to all concerned, and the right-wing extremist groups in the city, sitting sank. University of camps around the stronghold. As a result of progressive schools, ranging from large ones to calapherai liability. Teachers are being killed one after another. University student leaders are being killed in the violence themselves. As a result, the city…