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The earthquake will face a more difficult situation in the capital, Dhaka

If any of the districts around the capital city, an earthquake of magnitude seven, then it would be a huge setback for the city. Disaster Management is working on a government project director Mohammad Abdul Qayyum Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme. He says at the beginning of this project, the country's nine largest cities, including Dhaka and Chittagong and Sylhet have to evaluate risk. Madhupurake an earthquake risk area is considered by the city.There is no earthquake of magnitude seven or seven and a half after the building of the city in three lots of 70 thousand in the building will collapse or damaged Port-au-Prince after the earthquake in Haiti in 010 habeara the collapse that has seen images of Dhaka will be exactly the same awful situation. And if such a disaster, the people here have no place else to move. 

In particular, the temporary field hospitals and medical centers damaged craft will have no place.Mr. Qayyum also says, on the potential volunteers to tackle the situation, there is no other way.6 of the same voluntary initiative to create a half now, but he did not. He also said that the collapse of the Rana sees a lot of volunteers have worked. However, no such measures or sigrahaiWe should put an end to the work of volunteers.


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